If your anniversary is coming around again, it's time to think of romantic and unique activities to commemorate the day.

The good news is that there are lots of great suggestions, so you can choose one of these fantastic ideas which will suit your circumstances and tastes.

1. Start your day with a delicious and luxurious breakfast. The night before, set up a tray prepared with pastries or fruit and champagne, then go out and view the sunrise.

2. If neither of you are morning people, why not spend your anniversary in bed instead? Enjoy a romantic, lazy day of relaxation, chat and enjoyment of each other's company. You could even serve your loved one with their breakfast in bed – a perfect treat for a hard-working partner

3. End the day the romantic way and watch the sun set together. Take a trip somewhere special and enjoy a delicious picnic complete with your favourite things.

Romantic way to celebrate an anniversary4. Make your home a spa – light some scented candles, turn on on soft music and dim the lights, then get out beautifully scented massage oils for a pampering session.

5. Take a shower together and revel in each other's company. Rekindle that love spark and enjoy some sensuality.

6. Enjoy a romantic candlelit bath together. Lie back in soapy warm water and enjoy the aroma of a luxurious bubble bath.

7. If your anniversary is in the winter, or if it's raining outdoors, have a picnic inside instead. Light a fire (or some candles around), put down a rug on your living room floor and tuck into a picnic basket of delicious treats. Crack open a bottle of wine too, since driving home isn't necessary!

8. Just kiss. After you've been together for a while, you often forget how much fun making out once was. Take a trip back in time to those early days.

9. Prepare a dinner for two with your partner’s favourite foods, or even try experimenting with a brand new dish. Another idea is to recreate a special meal from your past.

10. If you remember those early days when you went to see a movie but never watched a moment of it, recreate those memories by choosing a quiet screening time, then rekindle the spark of love by holding hands and kissing just as you once did.

11. Have a movie night at home. Choose a favourite film then snuggle up on the sofa.

12. Surprise the love of your life by presenting them with a handwritten note and some flowers to show how much you love them. Why not hide flowers about your house, each one with a love note attached, or even sprinkle the marital bed with rose petals.

13. Make life in the bedroom more exciting with a new position. The kamasutra could inspire you to give your love life a boost.

14. If sex has become a little too routine, get out of your bedroom and make love somewhere totally different instead – what an anniversary thrill!

15. Display photographs which tell the tale of your love around the house then reminisce together about all of the happy moments you've enjoyed from the time you first got together.

16. Watch your wedding video, or look together through your wedding album while sipping champagne and nibbling snacks.

17. Have a couples photo session with a photographer, or book a boudoir photo session then keep those images for your own private use.

18. Have a special night by booking into a hotel. Decorate the room with candles and rose petals then run a bubbly bath to enjoy as a couple.

19. Enjoy the great outdoors on a romantic camping trip and rekindle that passion in nature's beauty.

20. Start a class and learn a new skill together. Dancing or cooking are two great shared interests that will help you to develop a brand new shared hobby.

21. Have a memorable evening dancing to songs that are special to you. Why not recreate your first dance from your wedding on the date of your anniversary.

22. Try something completely new as a couple – perhaps diving, skiing or parachuting.

23. Try a romantic and relaxing activity such as wine tasting or taking a ride in a hot air balloon.

24. Renew your vows with your friends and family attending.

25. If you hardly ever help in the home, do your partner's daily chores for them.

26. Hide handwritten love letters around the house where your loved one will find them. They are sure to be touched.

27. Buy your wife some beautiful lingerie or a brand new dress then treat her to a romantic anniversary meal.

28. Telephone the radio station that your partner listens to and request a dedication of their favourite song.

29. Learn a new skill and then surprise your loved one on your anniversary – learn a new dance or a song on a musical instrument to impress them.

30. Try strip twister or poker in the privacy of your bedroom.

31. Enjoy a romantic weekend break. If you can't afford to get away to somewhere exotic, just go to a local B&B and spend time together.

32. Take the day off work to spend time exclusively together. Reconnect with each other, ignoring your phone, emails and messages.

33. Recreate the first date you had together. Even if you now live somewhere different, you can still recreate the theme by going to see a movie, eating some fast food or going bowling, just like the first time round.

34. Make your own bespoke gift to match your anniversary year theme. For example, gold for your 50th anniversary and silver for your 25th. Many years have their own theme.

35. Decorate your partner’s car with messages and pictures using a special window marker.