There can be no better way of expressing your love than by making a truly special gift yourself.

If you want a handmade gift on its own, or one that will perfectly complement a substantial anniversary gift that you have purchased like the magnificent Eternity Rose, creating your very own present is a meaningful and romantic way of conveying your innermost emotions.

You can attempt any kind of projects, even if your creative skills are limited. You probably even have most of the essential items close by that will add to a beautiful and heartfelt memento to commemorate the occasion.

You May want to use the material or colour that is linked with the particular anniversary year, or alternatively, you may just want to have the freedom to design something completely unique, but whichever you choose, you can rest assured that your loved one is sure to be deeply touched by the thought and effort you have put into creating a customised gift for them.

Create a Lifetime Collage

This project is ideal for anyone who has limited artistic ability.

A collage representing your life as a couple may be simple, but it is an extremely effective present.

All you need is a piece of thick paper or card to serve as the base, an attractive frame, glue and some materials to go with your theme. For example, if it is your 1st anniversary, paper is the customary material, so find some meaningful tokens that represent your married life. Cut snippets from magazines or books that are relevant to your relationship, or stick on some tickets from shows and movies you've watched together. Feel free to be as creative as you can with your materials.

If you are celebrating a third anniversary, leather accessories would be very appropriate, dried flowers are ideal for a fourth anniversary, and lace perfectly represents the 13th year of marriage.

And why not choose a special frame to match your anniversary theme – a frame made of wood for the fifth anniversary, a crystal one for the fifteenth, or one made out of silver for your 25th year of marriage.

Make A Comfortable Pillow

Crafting a pillow is simple enough for anyone who has a sewing machine.

Choose some beautiful fabric and create something that perfectly reflects your relationship – embroider your anniversary date and names on it, or imprint a poem or a special saying on the material you use.

Choose a theme and fabric which you can easily manipulate. Some anniversary years lend themselves to this gift especially well. For example, the second anniversary – the cotton anniversary – is ideal, as is the 12th which is linked to linen or silk, and the thirteenth, which is linked to lace.

Then forge it into a beautiful and enduring memento of this special occasion. If you can't sew, you could have your pillow customised by a specialist service instead.

Write Your Love

If you need to find a low budget gift that is sure to be heart-warming, a love note that has been written by hand is the perfect way to express your truest sentiments.

Choose a high-quality paper and write down all of the reasons why your love is so important to you. You could even add a splash of perfume or cologne for a more personal touch – what finer way to mark your “paper” wedding anniversary.

Homemade anniversary giftYour Message Inside a Bottle

Perhaps you have enjoyed fantastic holidays by the sea together? Then capture those precious memories inside a bottle with a personalised romantic message.

Insert your expression of love inside a bottle that you've decorated and customised specially for your loved one.

A Personalised Photographic Gift

Meaningful and cost-effective, a photo frame or photo book which has been personalised is a truly special gift. By having a frame engraved with the date of your anniversary and both of your names will serve as a permanent memory of the occasion, and a photo book is a great way of telling the tale of your life and love, from your earliest days together to the present moment.

Personal Gadget Covers

Modern life demands that we have numerous gadgets and devices, so why not give the gift of a personalised cover with a photograph of you both together? What better way to bring you to their mind each time they use their gadget?

A Modern-Day Mix Tape

Back in the day, everyone made a mix tape for their loved ones. Today, you can make a modern alternative – a mix playlist or CD that includes the tracks which are relevant to you both. Perhaps it will include the music that played on the night you met, the first dance from your wedding, or songs you love to sing with each other.

Personalised Pottery

Pottery gifts are beautiful yet practical. Why not paint a design of your own on a mug, plate or vase, or even get a photo of you printed on the surface.

A Handmade Card

Yes, you could buy a card from a store, but wouldn't it be better to buy all of the materials to make a beautiful handmade card of your own? Write a love poem or loving message inside and craft a special personal design.

A Gift Basket

Create a luxury gift for a loved one and make up a gift basket that will celebrate the occasion of your anniversary. Some suggestions for possible contents include:

A Food Basket – there is a plethora of tasty treats you could include in your gift basket which would suit a recipient with the palate for gourmet. Rare cheeses, tasty chocolates, special wines and gorgeous mini-desserts are all appropriate items.

A Relaxation Basket – if your loved one is often stressed, why not supply them with a relaxation basket packed with massage oils, bath salts, a voucher for a spa and scented candles.

Hot Drink Delights – does your special someone love coffee or tea? Then why not create a hamper of tea varieties and exotic coffees?

Sweet Treats – pack a basket with unusual sweets and gourmet chocolates and your sweet-toothed partner is sure to be delighted.

Date Night – fill your basket with everything you need for a romantic night for two. Your favourite movie, romantic candles for a sexy glow, tasty movie snack, and bubble bath to follow. Your partner is going to love this unique present.

Nobody knows the recipient as well as you do, so you can easily create the perfect basket to suit their tastes. They are bound to appreciate such a wonderful token of love and will appreciate all of the effort and time that you have dedicated to creating such a unique gift.