25th wedding anniversary gift

If you've been married for a quarter of a century, you should look upon your achievement as a sterling success, and there can be no better excuse for having a huge celebration.

This is a milestone which commemorates your long-lasting commitment and devotion and is certainly worthy of praise.

The 25th anniversary has always been linked to silver, and therefore giving your spouse or the special couple a silver present is ideal for marking this occasion.

When you're searching for the perfect gift for that special someone to celebrate their 25th year of marriage, the Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose is the ideal solution. There is no finer way of surprising and delighting your loved one than by presenting them with a rose that has been preserved to last a lifetime and coated in pure silver.

The Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose is quite unique, and completely different from those dull and generic silver gifts which you see in the stores. Standing silver tankards, plate and photograph frames are likely to be soon forgotten, but a Silver Eternity Rose is sure to be displayed proudly in the marital home, forming a lasting memento of the milestone occasion.

There can be no better symbol of undying love and devotion than a rose, however real natural flowers fade away. A magnificent Eternity Rose will remain radiant forever, with its natural splendour preserved eternally.

Created in an intricate 60-step process, every rose blossom has been carefully coated with pure silver then placed inside a prestigious leather case, ready for display.

You could even choose to personalise your chosen rose with an engraved message on its stem. You can rest assured that its recipients will treasure this bespoke gift which bears a message such as “To the love of my life on our silver wedding” or “We find your commitment and enduring love an inspiration”.

Silver Wedding Traditions

People have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of a couple's marriage by giving silver gifts since the days of the Holy Roman Empire. At that time, husbands gave silver garlands to their wives, and in Germany during the middle ages there was a similar tradition where relatives and friends would give the special couple a silver wreath.

The custom of giving each marital year a theme began in 1933 when Emily Post wrote a book called “Etiquette”, in which materials were linked to the key marital milestones. In 1937, this list was expanded upon by the American National Retail Jeweller Association.

Some of the traditional materials for gifts include:

- First: paper

- Second: cotton

- Third: leather

- Fifth: wood

- Eighth: bronze

- Ninth: pottery

- Tenth: tin

If you are keen to choose the most appropriate gift for a loved one on their silver anniversary, then opting for the traditional theme of silver is ideal.

The Milestone of 25 Years

Perhaps you are the one who is close to celebrating this milestone, or perhaps it is your parents or friends who are reaching this key event. Whichever is the case, it's time to think about ways to celebrate in an appropriate style.

Extravagant gestures like holidays and huge parties are wonderful, but some people prefer something more simple such as a low-key night out with a few special people.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that will be appreciated.

Great Ideas for a Silver Wedding Celebration

Wedding anniversaries are the perfect time for reinforcing commitments and for rekindling the sparks of your relationship. If you need a few ideas, we have some suggestions for ways to make a silver anniversary truly special:

Journey Through Time

Go back through time to some of the places that have proved to be significant in your relationship. Perhaps you could revisit the site of your first date, the place of the proposal or your wedding venue. What better way to rekindle that long-standing romance

Have a Party

Arranging a party to celebrate is one great way of marking the anniversary day as truly significant, however it can be challenging to plan a perfect event. Restrict the invites to just the key people and make sure you have thoroughly prepared so that the event goes smoothly.

- Sending invites: Create silver invitations to match the theme, adding a photo of the pair or, alternatively, images which reflect love like doves or swans.

- Lay out a silver carpet rather than a red one. A silver theme should run through the occasion, so have silverware, silver glasses, silver flowers and silver wrapped treats.

- Silver decorations such as balloons, ribbons and drapes are a great way of reflecting the theme. Decorate your venue with photos of the happy couple.

- Draw a picture, write your own poem or compose your own song for the couple.

- Make the event fun with party games such as charades and play some great music for a party atmosphere. Don't forget to include a romantic slow dance though!

- Thank all of the guests who come to your party and give them a special gift reflecting the theme of silver such as silver chocolate coins or a present wrapped with silver gift-wrap.

Finding Something Else To Do

If throwing a party is really not to your taste or to the taste of the loved one(s) in mind, there are many other romantic things to do to celebrate a 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Celebrities Who Have Been Married for 25 Years or More

While some celebrities remain married for a very short time, there are still some famous couples who have had long and enduring marriages:

Denzil Washington has been married to his wife for virtually 30 years. They have four children together and renewed their vows back in 1995.

Jerry Stiller has been married to Ann Meara for 58 years. During the 60s and 70s, the pair did stand up and Jerry wrote a book about his blissful marriage.

Comedian and actor Billy Crystal has been married to Janice, his wife, for more than 40 years.

Despite Samuel L Jackson's Hollywood star status, he has enjoyed a happily married life to LaTanya Richardson during the past 30+ years.

We wish everyone who is celebrating a Silver Anniversary a wonderful and memorable occasion, and we hope that you go on enjoying a blissful married life for many more years.

Remember, marriage is ever-changing, so you should never make the mistake of taking things for granted. Always remember you must adapt to change and the trials and tribulations that life throws at us.

The Eternity Rose wishes you all the best and every future happiness on your wedding anniversary.