Regardless of how hard you try, you cannot possibly see inside the mind of your wife, girlfriend, mother or any other special woman in your life in order to see what she wants for her birthday. However, that does not mean that you can't purchase her the gift that she would love to buy for herself. The secret is to know exactly what would make her most happy, and the answer is, an Eternity Rose.

We, at The Eternity Rose, have spent years perfecting the ultimate gift for her. We know how difficult it can be for men to purchase the right gift for that special someone. Men prefer things for themselves that are completely different from those that women want. Thus, if a man purchases a gift for a woman based on his own ideals of what constitutes a great present, this would typically be a product that helps her to get something done or accomplish a particular task. Women, on the other hand, prefer gifts that let them know they are recognised for their personality, as well as for the things that make them who they are at their very core. For women, it is much less about individual accomplishments and tasks, and more about letting them know that they are loved and highly valued.

Women do not identify with individual household accomplishments as much as they identify with grander scheme of being a wife, a professional, a mother etc. Therefore, they desire a gift that recognises those important and sentimental attributes. Women truly appreciate something that celebrates their personality and commemorates all the little things that make up the bigger picture when it comes to being a woman in your life. As a result, they typically like things like gold, jewellery or something they can proudly put on display that declares “I am loved and appreciated”. Imagine being able to give them all of those things rolled into a single gift. Imagine being able to give them a gift that they can go back and look at again and again for the rest of their lives, and feel the love with which the gift was presented.

The great thing about choosing an Eternity Rose is that it lasts a lifetime. It retains its beauty indefinitely, and the message of love with which it is presented is therefore eternal in kind. A particular piece of jewellery is worn infrequently and can be lost, never to be found again. Flowers are beautiful initially, but they quickly wither away. Other ornamental items may be attractive, but don’t necessarily convey a sentiment of romance or heartfelt love, and may easily break if handled. An Eternity Rose is different to all these typical gifts. It combines the beauty of the perfect rose along with that of a 24 karat gold piece of jewellery, and it can be safely displayed. Better yet, it is durable enough to stand up to the test of time, even when it is occasionally handled or bumped.

The great thing about the gifts produced by The Eternity Rose is that we utilise an extensive process where the perfect rose is grown, picked, and then enhanced through a preservation method that ends up with it being coated in pure 24 karat gold, silver or platinum, or alternatively, it is glazed to preserve its natural colour with gold trimming. This entire preservation process requires a few months to complete, and when you look at the final product, it is absolute perfection that you can hold in your hand. If you really want to express how you feel, this is the perfect way to do so. It lets your loved one know exactly how much you think of her, and that you see her as a capable and accomplished individual, and everything that exemplifies the very qualities that make her so special to you.

You can choose an Eternity Rose in a variety of precious metals (gold, silver or platinum), or in one of many beautiful colours. These Eternity Roses will last for a lifetime, and they maintain their beautiful appearance for the duration of time that you own them.

In essence, if you want a gift that has the beauty of a pristine flower and the durability of a gold ring, an Eternity Rose is the gift for her. There is no way she could possibly fail to fall in love with it the moment that she sees it; and when you consider the fact that an Eternity Rose conveys all the heartfelt sentiments that a woman wants to receive from you, it is easy to understand why so many women have been touched to receive a gift like this. It is simply not something that you can find anywhere else, nor is it something she will ever forget.