This glorious natural light-blue rose has been glazed and then trimmed with 24K gold to produce a stunning piece of artwork. Crafted by hand, each item is completely unique, featuring 24K gold detailing on its leaves, petal edges and stem, and comes complete with an authenticity certificate.

Since time began, gold has been viewed as a token of lasting love, and roses have been known for generations as a symbol of romance and beauty. Today, you can proudly place a piece of art which combines these two elements in a display cabinet in your home to remind you forever of a milestone or other special occasion.

Any special lady in your life is sure to be delighted when she receives this delightful gift to mark the occasion of her anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, and when she opens it, she is sure to know beyond doubt how much she is appreciated and loved.

A gift which speaks volumes, an Eternity Rose conveys your message of devotion and deep sentiments, and when she displays this artistic ornament in its stylish presentation case, its ornate beauty will be perfectly showcased.

A single rose has been the iconic symbol of lasting love for generations. Now, it is possible to give this love token in a form that will endure eternally thanks to The Eternity Rose's development of this romantic concept – a creative, intricate and luxurious artwork which lasts a lifetime.

Our talented horticulturists grow all roses which we use to make our Eternity Roses in our own nurseries, specially selecting each blossom for the splendour of its colour and its unique natural beauty. After being tended carefully, each blossom is hand-picked as soon as it reaches perfection to begin the intricate glazing process that will preserve it forever.

This process will take at least 3 months, with 60 distinct steps which must be meticulously followed in order to produce a cleverly sculpted work of art.

First, a copper layer is electroplated to the flower to form a perfect base, following which, the process of glazing by hand will begin. Finally, 24 karat gold trimming is embossed on the stem and edges of the petals and leaves to result in a radiant and lustrous artwork which will never tarnish, fade or deteriorate with time.

Give somebody you love a beautiful light-blue glazed Eternity Rose today. What better way to demonstrate your undying devotion and love than by giving a gift which is as beautiful as the recipient?

If the lady in your life prefers fine gold, why not give her a luxury gold-dipped rose instead from The Eternity Rose collection?

Light-Blue Natural Rose Glazed & Trimmed with 24K Gold 12"

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•  Preserved as soon as it has bloomed to the perfect shape, every natural light-blue rose has been glazed then trimmed with pure 24K gold

•  Each rose comes with its own PU leather case with dark-blue velvet lining

•  Boasting a radiant lustrous finish, every rose comes complete with a certificate of authenticity

•  Intricately crafted by hand, each light-blue glazed rose is a magnificent symbol of enduring beauty and romance

•  We rapidly process every order and priority shipping is included free as standard



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